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“Art is news from the soul”….this is what the sign reads when you arrive at Sergio Roggerone’s home in Maipú (Province of Mendoza in Argentina).

Sergio Roggerone is one of Argentina’s most celebrated contemporary artists. The Mendoza-based artist’s work can be seen all over the world and throughout Argentina and is displayed prominently throughout Mendoza in key hotels and establishments.
Roggerone is an admirer of middle age paintings and most of his work has a clear iconographic style depicting interracial madonnas and secretive virgins. His work is purely aesthetic and detailed.

He takes religious art and has fun with it in a reverent way depicting, for example, the Madonna of Wine , interracial virgins or the goddess of the sea. He is specially interested in traditions and ceremonies such as the devotion for the Virgin of the Carrodilla, patroness of the grape harvesting celebration in Mendoza, Argentina. He respects the devotion the people of Mendoza and this inspires him in his paintings.

Through his work he opens portals to past worlds, searching for answers to the questions of eternity and finitude. Roggerone mixes diverse religious elements unveiling the most hidden expressions of faith. His paintings seem to channel the spiritual work, the beliefs and devotion showing that beyond race and religion there is only one way to God.

Last July Roggerone was selected by Christie’s in London to auction two of his works at the Royal Commonwealth Club of London.
This year we have the honor of presenting his work in Luxembourg.