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When we provide cameras to disadvantaged people we offer them the opportunity to document, analyze and make meaning of their own experiences and realities through images of their own choosing.

First person perspective on real world issues, participatory photography is a step towards a more transparent world and social change. It gives power and control to marginalized groups and allows their eyes to become ours as we learn to see the world through a news lens – a person with life experiences completely different than our own.

There are many projects working with marginalized groups throughout Latin America. In some cases they focus on education through visual arts as a menas to promote social inclusion such as the Fundacion ph15 in Argentina. In others, such as the project FotoLibras in Brazil they work with deaf people as a way for them to communicate and express themselves through images.

PhotoVoice (Beyond Vision) in Ecuador impart photographic skills to street children to help them document their situation and challenge public perceptions, as well as providing them with valuable opportunities for employment.

Other experiences include the work with Mayan women and the documentation of rural experiences in Bolivia and Peru.

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