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We all know what the tango sounds like: a melancholic mix of rhythms originated in the Rio de la Plata, by European immigrants who were influenced by African and European roots.


The first generation of tango players could be heard and danced to throughout metropolitan Buenos Aires since the end of the 19th century, and tango has evolved ever since.  Carlos Gardel put tango on the international scene in the 20s, reaching its golden age between the 1930’s and 1950’s.


Since then, numerous artists have created new sounds and experimented with different kinds of instruments to create what today is called Tango Nuevo.  A more experimental tango, with strong jazz influences, was born.  Astor Piazzolla has been considered the father of this new form of tango.


Today, Electronic Tango or Neo Tango has fusioned the traditional music and rhythms with electronic elements.  The music still embraces the unique spirit and complex rhythms of tango.   Good examples of this style are Gotan Project, Bajofondo, Otros Aires and Tanghetto.  Each in their own style take tango to a different level, breaking with tradition and playing with electronic sounds and beats on top of traditional tango melodies.


Many purists have criticized this new style of tango, but it has put tango on the international scene again and has made it popular among younger audiences.


SUR Factory had the pleasure of vibrating with Electro Tango last May, 2012, producing an OTROS AIRES show at CERCLE CITE, bringing these incredible sounds and beats to the public in Luxembourg.  And hopefully will be able to bring back the electro tango experience soon.